Competitions in Turku 29.1.2011

In this weekend´s courses your really needed to run like maniac from one end of the field to another. Not really too pleasant experience for handler in her fourties with injured thigh...

First course was a jumping run by judge Heidi Viitaniemen.
Zen (Decathlete's Sirius Black) and Jaakko Suoknuuti tooked victory with super run.
Hitti (Decathlete's Hornet) and Janita Leinonen placed second.
Chi (Beck's Hill Goldeneye) and Jaakko Suoknuuti were fifth.
 There were 60 competitors in this course.

Second competition was standard course by judge Viitaniemi.
Omie (Decathlete's Galaxy) and Janita tooked first place.
Zen (Decathlete's Sirius Black) and Jaakko placed in second position.
Hitti (Decathlete's Hornet) and Janita were third.
Chi (Beck's Hill Goldeneye) and Jaakko came fourth.
Four first positions for our family :) among 61 competitors.

Third competition was standard run by judge Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen.
Janita tooked first and second places with Omie (Decathlete's Galaxy) and Hitti (Decathlete's Hornet).
54 starts in this one.

Zen's, Hitti's and Omie's podium place runs.
Chi's all runs.