TD 7.10.2010-20.1.2011

Vet found severe growth failure from TD´s spinal column she had have from birth. Malformation caused pressure to her spinal core, which caused neurological problems with her hind legs. There was malformed vertebras and a severe bend in her spine. The vet sadly saw no other options, that put our little girl to sleep.

TD was the most wonderful puppy I have ever had. I would have not changed any of her qualities. She was completely fearless, she was always happy and learned new things with greatest of ease. She had incomprehesive will to play tug, she retrieved perfectly since the day we got her and had a perfect contact to people. Now we only can appreciate the short time we had pleasure to have her with us. She showed us how perfect dogs there is to be found in the world. Luckily we had quite much spare time from work at the time she was here with us, so we could have quite much quality time and create loving relationship with her. For our comfort we are sure she knew how much we loved her. Her death left huge empty space in our hearts no one can ever fill. Our grief is unspeakable :'(

Our time together was too short, but here is a short tribute to our little angel.